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A comprehensive guide on how to get the job done on Hummingbird.

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What is a Quikjob?

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These are short-term services provided by hummingbird freelancers.

Quikjobs are categorized and tagged for easy search. Prices are set by sellers, however, buyers can choose whichever freelancer’s quikjob they want to work with.


Quikjob Verification

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Quikjobs can be verified by admins after 2 successful sales of that particular quikjob.

Verified Quikjobs boast many benefits but the most important is that it offers trust to buyers and highlights the competence of sellers.


How do I withdraw my money?

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Withdrawing your money is easy. simply navigate to your dashboard and submit a withdrawal request for the desired amount from your current balance.

Our online chat is also available to guide you through the process.


How to be successful on Hummingbird 4 - communication

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The best transactions are those that are communicated well to both parties.

Buyers should inform the freelancer exactly what outcome they are expecting.

Sellers should never mislead clients and answer their queries as best as possible.

How to be successful on Hummingbird 5 - Reviews

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The best outcome for every quikjob is a satisfied client.

Buyers can review their quikjob experience so always aim for exceptional delivery.

This will have previous clients coming back and new clients will see their reviews and be reassured of your service.


How to be successful on Hummingbird 7 - Portfolio

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when creating your quikjobs, upload your first job image as business card/professional photo of yourself or of you performing your “quikjobs”. This can be followed by other images of jobs you’ve already done to build trust and to give buyer’s a look at your portfolio.

What are quikjob requests?

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These are short-term jobs requested and created by buyers.

Quikjob requests allow buyers to recruit the right freelance service for their particular need.


How to be successful on Hummingbird 1 - complete profile

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Set yourself up for success by completing your profile. A completed profile will give buyers more info about whom they are working with.


How to be successful on Hummingbird 2 - Detail

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Give as much detail in your quikjob description as you can. This will help buyers to choose the best job and allows for faster decision-making.



How to be successful on Hummingbird 3 - Extra Services

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List extra services you can offer for that quikjob. Eg. a faster service delivery for an extra cost.


How to be successful on Hummingbird 6 - Stay on the platform

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keep all communications on the platform and only make and accept payments through HummingBird.

This will beep both parties safe and ensure that disputes are settled as quickly as possible.