Points Campaign (coming Soon)

Allows HummingBird users to be rewarded for engaging in our community. Points campaign will commence after our 1000 verified user registration. 

You should be rewarded for your engagement.

HummingBird points campaign is offered 4 times throughout the year with 3 months allotted to each campaign.  HB Points campaign is ONLY for verified users. HB Points  will be automatically awarded to users for various engagement activities. See activities here. 

The person with the most points at the end of each campaign period will be awarded  a workstation or HummingBird prize pool of all campaign offerings for that campaign.


Campaign Wind-Up

Increase your points by engaging on HummingBird. Each point received\deducted will be accompanied by a description, so you will know exactly  how the points are awarded/deducted.

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At the end of the campaign, the user with the most points is rewarded with our HummingBird Workstation comprised of a High spec computer/laptop, High-end computer desk + chair, and an extra monitor. Leaders will also receive the spoils from our HummingBird prize pool.

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Points campaign is strictly moderated. Users can be banned from HummingBIrd if they are caught exploiting the platform. Please refer to the Do’s and Don’ts below.

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Users with the highest points for that specific campaign period are shown on our public leaderboards.

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Runner Ups

The top 2 runner ups (2nd and 3rd place users) will be able to withdraw their points as cash to spend however they please.

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Campaign Wind-down

At the end of each campaign, the points for all users will reset to zero. Users may be able to utilize their points for other promotional events ( conditions apply) 

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